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5 Best New Black Shows 2014

The Upfronts last week in New York brought oodles of excitement to the new fall season for connoisseurs of African-american entertainment.  My personal requirement when I watch television or a movie is that it has to have at least two black people in leading roles, and the writing and the acting have to be amazing . Therefore  as you can guess I don’t watch much television. My time is valuable and  I can’t stand reality shows. I know these characters are getting paid. But how are you going to be a bad actor/actress in a show about your own life? I have not been on the Mad ManGame of Thrones bandwagon either. Mad Men completely ignores that black people exist during one of the most turbulent times in American history. Game of Thrones has dinosaurs and goblins but no sisters or brothers although Hannibal crossed the French alps (Gaul) with his crew .  Both shows are bloodthirsty, over sexed fantasy nonsense. With that said the 5 Best New Black TV Shows 2014   ARE….

Empire -Fox TBA


Empire is a Lee Daniels (The Butler, Precious) produced drama starring Terrence Howard as Lucious Lyon  a dying mogul and Taraji B. Henson as Cookie Lyon his ex-con former wife who are battling  for  control of their  hip-hop dynasty.  Gabourey Sidibe(Precious) joins the cast at Lucious’ hardworking assistant Becky.  Taraji and Terrence acting together is reason enough to be excited about this new show.


The Mathis Project-BET Fridays 10p/9c


Judge Greg Mathis hosts this in-depth investigative program  that reopens cold cases using forensics, law enforcement to uncover new information that will solve murders and bring justice to the victims. This show actually premiered last year but they reworked the format making it leaner and more sophisticated.


How to Get Away with Murder -ABC Thursdays 10p/9c

Viola Davis HTGAWM

This legal suspense thriller produced by Shonda Rhimes stars Viola Davis as law school professor Annalise Keating. She mentors her band of  ambitious students in the intricate art of “getting away with murder”. It is part of ABC’s  Shondaland triad on Thursdays with Greys Anatomy at 8p and Scandal at 9p EST. In my opinion Viola Davis is so beautiful when she wears her hair natural. When she wears those helmet hair wigs, it’s like when Halle Berry wears long hair. It just doesn’t look right.


Black-Ish–  ABC Wednesdays 9:30p/8:30c

Black-ish ABC

Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross star as an upper  middle class couple raising their four children in a predominately white environment. What a weak premise . How about parents just trying to raise  four kids? That is  enough material for a comedy and a drama, and  no grown-ass kids PLEASE. Can they  also use their creative resources and give it a better name? It also stars and is produced by  Larry Fishburne as the grumpy grandpa.  It its filmed in a single camera format a la Modern Family. It has a lot of potential and I am elated to just to see a nuclear black family. If this show is even close to the genius of The Bernie Mac Show it will be successful.


5.CeeLo Green’s The Good Life – TBN Mondays 10:30p/9:30c

CEELO_010314-forweb good life

CeeLo has a reality show and he  brought along his boys The Goodie Mob . I am not a fan of reality shows but  I do admire CeeLo and  the Goodie Mob as artists. The previews seem a bit scripted but the guys seem  fun and it would be nice to come along  for the party. CeeLo Green’s The Good Life premieres June 23 at 10:30/9:30c on TBN.