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 I am never the one to call anyone’s mother ratchet , crazy,  or play the dozens. Because as a mother I know sometime you have to be ratchet ,crazy  or both. Especially when dealing with your kids, their school, bullies ,baby daddies and  mom’s who refuse to raise their  kids. Sometimes its like that. Being crazy is part of the job description. These five ladies are all that with an extra extra dose of cray. But I am certain  if you place a camera in any household in America you might see mothers behaving the same or worst.

1. The Maury Mom – The Maury Povich Show


Maury Moms  are the best because they come in all shapes sizes ethic groups. I know the scientist who invented DNA testing had some lofty ideas that the future of DNA testing would be utilized  for medical breakthroughs and  solving  mankind’s questions of the universe. I bet they never imagined there would be a TV show to determine the baby daddy. If a Maury Mom states that she is 10001 per cent sure that he is the father you can be 100 per cent sure he is NOT the father.  These ladies say “look at the ears  look at the nose. ” Since most people have ears and noses that is not a great way to determine fatherhood . Especially since this is the 8th mothafucka you have brought on the show. The eighth time you have run off the stage crying and rolling on the Maury couch and the  eight non-Daddy doing the Maury Shuffle.

2. Mama Joyce Real Housewives of Atlanta


Am I the only one that likes Mama Joyce on the RHOA? Well for everyone that calls her a “crazyoldbitch” I say she and Kandi are crazy like foxes making that paper. Its rumoured that  Bravo is giving Mama Joyce her own show. Brilliant! No one is tuning in every week to see granny sitting in a rocking chair knitting . She fights, she kicks she cusses, she lies and manipulates. Kandi knows her Momma because she raised her. She is unfazed by Mama Joyce’s melodrama. Live long enough you realize everyone doesn’t mellow with age. Sometimes they are  bitchier,  hornier and meaner. Go head Miss Joyce make that money  and make it rain!

3. Kris Jenner Keeping Up With The Kardashians


KJ is a mastermind and a genius . She has six children and not one of them has any talent whatsoever. No one sings. No one dances . No one acts. But everyone is getting paid. They grace the covers of magazines . They are sought  out for interviews. They create a media frenzy wherever they go. Everybody works  at doing nothing but shopping and showing up to the party. This Momager has created a media brand.

4.Mama D -Love and Hip Hop Atlanta


Mama D is a former pimp and street hustler . Which translates that she was successful on the streets doing a man’s job to feed and cloth her children. She is  going to give her opinion and her  son Lil Scrappy always goes to her for advice. She  speaks in street slang full of grammatical errors,and she doesn’t know how to spell “bitch.  However, she knows how  to speak dollar signs, therefore she doesn’t have to know how to speak proper English. Immigrants come to black neighborhoods from all over the world . They have hair stores and convenience stores on every corner and can’t speak a lick of English.

5.Mama Jones- Love and Hip Hop New York


Rapper Jim Jones’ mother  Mama Jones  is marketing  an essence of coochie perfume called PumKash.   Wonder who the target market is?  Straight men? No because they  want to attract women. Straight women? No Because they already have one. Gay women? Same scenario. Gay men? All I  have to say is (-_ -).