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5 Best “Bedside Baptist Church” Televangelists

Sunday morning for me means church. It is a time a can I reach closer to my spiritual self, renew my faith and “get my praise on”. I bask in the blessings of the past week  and  pray for guidance to meet challenges for the upcoming week. When I cannot attend I switch on the remote to “Bedside Baptist.Church”. There are many religious programs from which to choose. I seek out programs that can deliver online or on television the closest to the fellowship,power and praise I  receive when I go to church. Televangelism have been going through changes as rapidly as the world has changed.  Some of their methods and dogma have removed the reverence , joy  from the worship process.   Modern evangelist tend to stretch the doctrine around elements of the world to “meet the people at their need” instead of embracing the power,fire and riches of faith.  If you can’t make it to church and need that “word” to help get you through your hectic week, I recommend these “Bedside Baptist Church” evangelists.

1)Bishop T.D. Jakes, T. D. Jakes Ministries

Bishop Jakes

Bishop T. D. Jakes of  the Potter ‘s House Internet Church provides a complete Christian service   experience including gospel music, invitation and benediction. Bishop Jakes is an old school preacher with an updated message to serve the masses. His sermons are charismatic  spirit filled lessons that apply to  daily life.  He provides relevant  and informative scriptural references. He preaches as he teaches as he inspires.


2)Creflo Dollar,  Creflo Dollar Ministries

Creflo Dollar

Creflo Dollar of the World Changers Church International takes the word and turns it into motivation. I have visited his church and noticed the plethora of men  actively involved in his ministry. He gives a relate-able real world  message. He speaks about  job dilemmas, marriage  ,finance and family. Although critics dismiss his message as a prosperity  ministry ,his  gives sensible advice  and breaks down financial practices in everyday terms.


3)Joel Osteen, Joel Osteen Ministries

Joel Osteen

He has been condemned for being too happy ,too optimistic and a biblical lightweight . Osteen’s  preaching style is often called “gospel-lite “. His uplifting sermons are a welcome respite to all the horrible news in the  24 hour news cycle. It is refreshing to hear that  there is  still redemption and good in mankind. Osteen tells stories of  survival and grace with the power of God. Lakewood Church is a cavernous monolith with over 10,000 members .  Yet, when he speaks  it is as if he is speaking directly to you.


4)Gloria Copeland , Kenny Copeland Ministries

Gloria Copeland

Gloria Copeland’s bible study is phenomenal . She breaks down the scripture and gives it a fresh anointing . There are many scriptures and teachings  I am familiar with but she expands and and goes deep into the word. It  helps  you to  appreciate and understand Christian beliefs on healing, and salvation. Everything about life is in the bible . It is amazing how human suffering, joy and relationships haven not changed  much  in 2000 years.  She teaches not only that Jesus Saves, but why and how.


5)Jimmy Swaggart, Jimmy Swaggart Ministries

Jimmy Swaggart

Jimmy Swaggart Family Worship Center on SonLife Network incorporates all genres  of gospel music.  It feels like church. BET gospel robs its  audience when it comes to good gospel music. The programming often does not match the guide,they have numerous repeats and a ridiculous amount of commercials . Jimmy Swaggart gives you music, solos,  choirs and non-stop  praise and worship