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5 Best Black TV Moms 2014

To the 5 BEST BLACK TV MOMS 2014 I want to wish them all a Happy Mother’s Day. I want to give them love, hugs and five dozen roses each  as they struggle to survive on the treacherous streets of network television. As with all Black Woman in America ,Black TV Moms be doing the most with the least. The exceptions are Jasmine Trussell (Joy Bryant) on NBC’s Parenthood and Mama Pope (Khandi Alexander) on ABC’s Scandal who are  characters that are ornamental outliers to the main storyline.

Sadly, Black mommies are MIA on American network television. Every Mother’s Day we reminisce about sitcom moms of yesteryear Claire Huxtable, Florida Evans, Louise Jefferson, and Rochelle .We almost forgot about Peggy Fair the widowed secretary on Mannix, (remember her and her little boy named Cory) and Raj’s Mom Mabel on What’s Happening.

Of the five  black mothers that are on a serial television today , four of them are on two shows. All five of them are on two networks which are Oprah’s OWN The Haves and the Have Nots and BET’s Being Mary Jane and The Game .

As much as Tyler Perry is maligned and dissed I love me some him. I just want to thank him for bringing some semblance of the African-American experience to the entertainment starved black masses.Yes,the writing on TP’s shows at times less than stellar but at least we see a scripted series where black people are major character and the Sistas be gettin’ it in. A special mention goes to Mara Brock Akil & Salim Akil at BET. I want to hug them for the absolutely beautiful writing and direction on Being Mary Jane and The Game.

And NOW the 5 Best Black TV Moms on Television Today ARE!!!!….DrumRoll Please

1.Veronica  Harrington (Angela Robinson) OWN The Haves and the Have Nots

Veronica Harrington

Brilliantly portrayed by Angela Robinson,this chick be “getting it” and reminds me of one of my friends. She dresses beautifully,  her house is immaculate, she works hard and controls everyone and everything in her household . She does not bite her tongue , will “whip ass” and has your back from the window to the wall. She is NEVER politically correct .The one thing i do notice about these women is they always “GOT A MAN” and just like Veronica she controls him. Her motto? “When Momma Aint Happy Aint Nobody Happy”. This character she is as amazing as she is ruthless, especially when she is super mean to her son Jeffrey.

2.Hanna Young (Crystal Fox) OWN The Haves and the Have Nots

2.Hanna  Young

I was watching Crystal Fox as Hanna and I kept trying to place her. I saw a rerun of In The Heat of the Night and there she was! Her and Bubba had some swirly hot chemistry. She was a short little firecracker and he was a muscular Adonis. They were hotter than that Mississippi sun……OH YEAH!  Hanna is saintly,long-suffering and prayerful. She is always there to help and forgive except when it comes to her own drop dead gorgeous daughter(Tika BlackBarbieDoll  Sumpter). I salute Tyler Perry for making faith and prayer an important character in The Haves and the Have Nots.

3. Helen Patterson (Margaret Avery) BET Being Mary Jane

3.Helen Patterson

How delicious is this show?  They have Margaret Avery (Shug in The Color Purple) as the Momma and  Being Mary Jane is just the perfect vehicle for Gabrielle Union. BMJ serves  up absolute deliciousness.  It stars great black actors as Richard Roundtree(SHAFT). His still  a hottie. I will never forget “dem bowlegs” his leather jacket and Shaft’s perfect “fro.”Richard Brooks (Patrick) is a BMW Black Man Working it OUT) . You know Black Don’t Crack is the truth when “old school  mofos” are acting their asses off courtesy of the great writing by Mara Brock Akil. What a gift! Excuse me just a moment while i get my Holy-Ghost-dance around-the-church praise on for the awesome writing and these incredible actors.

Well ENTYWAY Mrs Helen Patterson is a super “bougie ” upper class matriarch who like Veronica rules her house and her man( Richard Roundtree) She be worrisome as hell to Mary Jane. She may be the Oprah of the ATL but her “Mumma”  be calling down on her job bitching about family business like she aint gotta work. My mother does that too, calls me everyday about just random family bullshit However, I always pick up that dam phone or call her back because there may be a time she won’t be there to answer.

The way Miss Helen removed her son’s  white girlfrend out her house was diabolical. She was on her sickbed but she wasn’t so down that she didn’t recognize when her so-called girlfriend Catherine Stafford (Shiela Frazier(SuperFly) was after her man she nipped that shit straight in the bud. It was so hilarious when it looked like there was going to be a granny and granddaddy sex scene with the elder Pattersons. The “youngins “exploded twitter. They couldn’t handle that Kool-Aid HAHAHA. Miss Helen makes no apologies for being a proud black woman. Don’t mess with her kids,dont mess with her man and don’t mess with her money. Dont mess with her mari… oh oh went old school there LMAO.

4. Niecy Patterson (Raven Goodwin) BET Being Mary Jane

4. Niecy Patterson

Niecy is a teenage mother with 2 baby daddies. She live in her grandparents’ mansion with her extended family. She is pregnant and waits for her baby daddy just to show up and be there for her and their child. Her vision of life shows wisdom and naivete at the same time. Her words are like taking a dagger to the MF’ing heart.

She is the third generation of an upper class ,wealthy, educated African-American family. But for all the struggles and achievements of her grandparents and parents she has embraced a ghetto mentality. Niecy’s scenes with Mary Jane are wrenching but they also give a lesson. In one heart searing scene Niecy tells Mary Jane that she is known as the big thick girl who knows how to put it down.She believes daughter that she is carrying will not have such a hard life because she will be half Filipino with light skin and good hair.She accurately points out that Mary Jane did it the right way . Although she has an education, great career , money yet she is still alone with no kids.

Niecy is a real black girl . Her mindset reveals a compelling twisted story of a black woman’s pain and empowerment in modern America. It is a result of hundreds of years of self-hatred and brainwashing that two or three generations of success cannot destroy.

5. Tasha Mack (Wendy Raquel Robinson) BET The Game

5.Tasha Mack

Miss Tasha is sassy with a smart mouth and daddy issues. She always gives unsolicited advice for her married friends but as Jason and Chardonnay say . “She can’t keep a man if her life depended on it. ” She speaks for segment of sisters who are doing it all and are successful in their careers and raising kids. But because of our history they are unwilling to  step aside and allow a man to be a man.

Tasha discovers that all manipulation and “getting over ” will bring  is an unhappy ending. She played her childhood sweetheart Pookie( Rockmond Dunbar) to be with Rick(Fox) playing himself. (His acting is 100% better than when he was in Meet The Browns the movie but i guess it’s not acting when you’re playing yourself .) Tasha then dogs Rick too and she ends up alone and pregnant at 40, just like when she was as a teenager. The men  in her life did not abandon her she pushed them away..

All Photos of The Haves and The Have Nots Courtesy OWN Network
All Photos of Being Mary Jane and BET The Game Courtesy of BET Network